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Seed Opportunities are ideas for additional future projects that may help support future growth of the community.  The Seed Opportunities below are the projects and programs that did not rank as highly as the other opportunities in the Catalyst Plan. While they were not determined to be as urgent or critical as other opportunities at this time, they do have the potential to become important projects and programs for the future of Marlborough neighborhoods. As initial projects are accomplished and more leadership capacity emerges throughout the Marlborough neighborhoods, these Seeds should move up in priority for implementation. It is also possible that new private development or new public improvement projects in the area will provide a different environment to move a Seed project forward, so the community administrator and Coalition Board should stay on the alert for adaptations to priority projects.

Like the opportunities described under each Catalyst project, the Seed Opportunities also came from the community work group process. In an effort to streamline implementation, the following prioritization criteria were applied to each opportunity:

  • Which opportunities meet the greatest number of the community’s priorities?
  • Which opportunities have (or could have) the most buy-in from public agencies?
  • Which opportunities have the most buy-in from private sector and residents?
  • Which could begin immediately?
  • Which could have the most impact on all Marlborough neighborhoods?
  • Which opportunities are connected to the most other opportunities?

Arts and Social Services

  1. Hold regular contests for residents
  2. Build on the existing annual Clean Up day to develop programs and events that address neighborhood beautification

Commercial Development

  1. Prospect and Hickman Mills Commercial Node Master Plan 
  2. 85th Street Corridor Plan
  3. Dodson Industrial District Vision Plan

Communications and Capacity Building

  1. Interactive map and website upgrade
  2. Future NeighborWorks Training Institute

Healthy Food Access

  1. Pop-up Bread Stand
  2. Support Shamrock corner store in Healthy Corner Store effort
  3. Advocate for grocery store access
  4. Connect hunger relief agencies and community gardens
  5. Woodland Food Products
  6. Urban Homesteading and Farming

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