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Catalyst Projects

The Catalyst planning process began with an overarching mission confirmed by the Advisory committee that was comprised of local residents and business owners as well as City officials and staff, Jackson County representatives, a School board member and a Center School district teacher. This statement was affectionately referred to as the Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG):

The Catalyst Plan will provide a consensus-building process for the five neighborhoods of Marlborough to create a common vision and identity while prioritizing projects, programs, and partnerships that contribute the highest value to the interconnected systems of:

  • Mobility, or ease of getting around by foot, bike, bus, or car
  • New development and redevelopment projects, including the reuse of vacant parcels
  • Culture, arts, and social systems
  • Access to healthy food
  • Adaptive reuse of historic buildings, such as the Marlborough School

The planning team convened community-based work groups around the above topics to advise on findings and analysis. An additional work group was coordinated to advise on Communications and Outreach for an effective public engagement process.

After each work group met at least twice, the Advisory committee reconvened to weigh in on the developing recommendations, or project and program opportunities. During this workshop they identified which opportunities had the most potential for success based on their alignment with community priorities, community support, political support, and the local capacity to carry them out. After dialogue and an exercise to tease out the potential impact and connections between the opportunities, the group voted and four rose to the top. These became the Catalyst Projects: 1) Coalition Capacity Building; 2) Marlborough School Redevelopment; 3) Marlborough Village Commercial Revitalization; and 4) Coordination with KC Water Services green infrastructure project. These Catalysts also became an organizing system for connected project and program opportunities across the topics of study.

The opportunities under each Catalyst Project help to build local leadership and provide those leaders a way to make steady progress toward community priorities with bite-sized projects and programs. The remaining Seed Opportunities are important projects and programs as well. These opportunities can move up into a Catalyst Project whenever local leaders are ready to start them.

Please see the Catalyst Projects and Seed Opportunities below for more information about each opportunity including steps to follow, who their local champions are, partners, and other resources. You are always welcome to get involved! Please reach out to learn more about any of the opportunities that interest you.

  1. Coalition Capacity Building
  2. Marlborough School Redevelopment
  3. Marlborough Village Commercial Revitalization
  4. Coordination with Kansas City Water Services green infrastructure project 
  5. Seed Opportunities

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