What is the Catalyst Plan?

The Catalyst Plan is an initiative of the Marlborough Community Coalition to discover and develop the rich assets of the five neighborhoods of the Marlborough community, and craft an action plan that will transform this potential into a thriving place to grow up, live and work.

A door-to-door interview process led to the understanding of community priorities. The top priorities of Marlborough residents and business owners are the following:

  1. Increase attention to property maintenance and beautification on private and public properties.
  2. Build new, sidewalks and curbs connected to transit, provide street maintenance, and repair failing infrastructure.
  3. Support organized community involvement to build neighborhood pride and capacity.
  4. Improve healthy food access in the neighborhood, as well as awareness of and connection between current healthy food assets
  5. Promote awareness building/education for parents and kids to support healthy choices and skills.
  6. Increase availability of programmed activities, recreation, and mentorship opportunities, especially for youth.
  7. Promote homeownership and landlord accountability.
  8. Address concerns for safety and perception of crime, especially around schools.
  9. Create new educational opportunities to develop residents’ employment skills and catalyze new businesses.
  10. Inform a new image of the community as a dynamic, innovative environment that will attract residents, visitors, and new businesses.

Four major projects emerged from the Catalyst Plan that will have the most impact and support:

Within these four major projects, a series of bite-sized projects exist that intermingle outcomes to promote outreach and engagement, encourage healthy food options, spur commercial development, increase mobility options, and repurpose the Marlborough School.

This easy-to-print document provides an overview of the plan and projects. For detailed information see the Catalyst Projects webpage.


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